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Support for Ukraine!
Tom is offering workshops in Ukrainian dance for both recreational groups and performing ensembles.
He studied dance with the Bukovinian, Virsky, Iunist, Ivano-Frankivsk and other ensembles in Ukraine
both during and after the Soviet Union. He feels deeply about the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine,
and is doing everything he can to support the people, culture, heritage and dance of Ukraine.
Call or email for workshops or more information.

Dr Masterson
speaks several languages, teaches dance, physics, and math, runs ultra-marathons, climbs high peaks around the world, and is a master chef! He is the recipient of the “Legends of Dance in Colorado” award and the Boulder “Pacesetter of the Year” award.

Tom Masterson is the founder and director of Postoley Dance Ensemble, a performing ethnic dance company specializing in the dance and culture of Ukraine, Poland and eastern Europe. He was born and raised in Québec, Canada in a bilingual environment. He currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Professor Masterson studied traditional ethnic dance, choreography and performance with several world-renowned companies, including the Bukovinian and Virsky ensembles in Ukraine, and the Marie Curie Skodlowska University Institute for Choreography in Lublin, Poland. Masterson is a truly impressive master teacher. Workshops include dances appropriate for all levels of experience. Some of his favorite dances include "Bukovinian Spring" arranged to the world-famous "Bukovinian Melodies" music, a gypsy dance appropriately titled "Good Luck" from Romania, and a beautiful Carpatho-Rus' dance from Ushorod on the Ukrainian-Slovak border. Workshops are also available for performing groups. Masterson owns Danceophile Ballroom and Folk Dance Studio and also teaches American swing (Jitterbug, East Coast, Lindy, Charleston), waltz, cha-cha, &c., as well as country western dance.

Owner of Back Country Tours. (A mountain guide service, ski and mountaineering school, recognized by the Professional Ski Instructors of America, operating since 1983, teaching cross country, back country, telemark, mountain leadership, and avalanche courses in the winter, and climbing and mountaineering skills in the summer, and guiding expeditions world-wide.)
P.S.I.A. certified cross country ski instructor and mountain tour guide.
25 years experience teaching mountaineering, skiing and wilderness survival skills.
Principal instructor for Back Country Tours, instructor for the High Altitude Mountaineering section of the Colorado Mountain Club, Lake Eldora ski area, University of British Columbia mountaineering club, University of Wisconsin Hoofers, Deutscher Alpenverein in Germany.


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Biographical Information

Yes - it's coming - please be patient

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Contact Information

Street address
250 31st Street, Boulder, Colorado USA 80303

Electronic mail address

Office phone
303 499-6363

FAX number
303 499-6363

Home phone
303 499-6363

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Current Projects

Choreography & teaching for Postoley Dance Ensemble
Teaching Ballroom Dance
Teaching Folkdancing 
CD project - putting 25 yearsof dance music onto CD's!

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Personal Interests

Hiking & backpacking


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